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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

There are some long term lessons to be learned from the Nina disappearance. One is to prevent the Department of State from requesting dental records while an active search is in process. It sends the wrong message.

A second may apply to EPIRBS. However, the crew of the Grain de Soleil that went missing in the Atlantic this year had an active EPIRB and they still could not find them. The Nina has an EPIRB abaord.

As a general rule, at least commercial satellites don't shoot a lot of open water. There is nothing to see. Hence, the lack of archival footage.

Nothing changes without effort, especially the tradition of leaving sailors to their own wits because of the limited resources or limited capability of the rescue services. The search team is breaking new ground in developing this technology. If they are successful, it will save countries millions of dollars and lives too, by obviating the need to send out aircraft to do what a satellite can do more quickly. The rescue personnel will still have to go, but it makes sense they spend their efforts on actual rescues rather than eternal searches.

Some of the sailors aboard the Nina had little experience including the ability to gauge adequate safety systems. I am not saying the Nina did or din't have these systems, I am saying some of the crew had no foundation to judge. These are not people who made a choice to take the risks most sailors accept.

It is easy to forsake lives when they are not your own, or people you care about. However, until each of us is faced with a difficult situation, like these sailors and their families, it is hard to know what each of us would really do. If you were on the Nina, seasick, hungry, thirsty, struggling for life, you might have a different point of view. If this was your son or daughter, you might have a different point of view.

Thanks for your points, yes, some changes need to be made. Right now, we are concentrating on finding the boat. Later, surely, efforts will be made to make constructive changes.

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