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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

The Nina is sheathed in fiberglass. David Dyche made this boat his life. He is a professional mariner and spent a lot of time working on the boat. The Nina has weathered tougher storms before. Steel and aluminum are good materials but they each have their problems in the corrosive salt water. The same circulating currents we suspect are trapping the Nina also trap ocean trash, shipping containers and other debris. A collision with these would certainly present problems with any boat the size of the Nina.

However, the scenario for the Nina is fairly simple. We know her sails were shredded. We know she was under power to be going 310 degrees in the teeth of a storm. With limited fuel, she would easily be entrapped by the currents.

While there is a great deal of speculation, no one knows what happened to the Nina. If she survived the storm she was in, then there is no reason she is not floating today. Some boats take a year to float to Australia after getting caught in the reverse circulating currents of the Tasman Sea. TA few float around for eternity then are grounded in New Zealand. However, the majority take a Northwest course for Australia. The families remain hopeful, but are realistic about prospects.

Long term survival at sea is very realistic with:
1. Shelter
2. Water
3. Food

If the Nina remains afloat she is providing shelter; frequent rain in the Tasman Sea during winter/spring is common; the boat it'self becomes a floating reef attracting fish. All that being said, it is a harsh existence, all the more reason to effect rescue as quickly as possible. It costs nothing to sign our petition asking for support from the US government, and at least, silencing their request for dental records while an active search is in progress. This basic dignity is something every person lost at sea deserves.

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