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Re: 6 Americans, 1 Brit vanish at sea

Thanks for your question. The request for dental records is a procedure undertaken by the office of overseas citizens services to help people bring back the deceased from a foreign land. It is an inappropriate request when an active search is in progress because it confuses the public and relatives.

When the families asked the US Coat Guard to help run drift modeling using data supplied the private search by the RCC-NZ, the Coast Guard said it could not run the drift modeling because the Department of State would not let them. Instead, the Department of State insists the suspended search by the RCC-NZ means the sailors are lost at sea. They confused the term 'suspended search' with a 'closed search'. Instead of helping bring sailors back alive, the only interest the Department of State has exhibited is in requesting dental records and placing road block in the path of the private search.

The DoS is supposed to advocate for Americans, not reduce the chances of developing additional leads upon which the search could be un-suspended.

Now, the DoS says it has no power over the Coast Guard; the Coast Guard says it can't move without the blessing of the DoS and New Zealand says they can't do anything until the U.S. makes a formal request for them to search for the target located on satellite. This is an administrative snafu of epic proportions and seven sailors may pay with their lives.
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