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Re: Sailing, safety, & size

Originally Posted by Delezynski View Post

I would like to point out that of the about 15+ boats that departed the San Francisco Bay when we did, for “long term” cruising, we are the the smallest boat, AND we are the ONLY boat still actively cruising. Of the rest, two couples are still living aboard in a Mexico marina and have not sailed in years. The rest, gave up cruising, sold the boats and are now CLODs (Cruisers Living On Dirt). ALL of the boats I cite were fitted out with the best that could be offered in 2004. What is state of the art today, is obsolete next week, some times tomorrow! I can't believe people NEED a new phone every year!

I do not attribute us still cruising to anything special about us. I do think it has a lot do with how hard/easy it is to maintain and actively cruise a larger boat. Of the breakdowns, and we had a couple, we were FAR less impacted than the larger boats...... That is, we cruised more for less maintenance.

During 4 years in the Sea of Cortez, we were offered 3 times to trade our boat, straight across, for boats in the 41 to 45 foot range. And they were NOT trash boats!

Of a lot of active cruisers I know, we are NOT unique in cruising on boats far smaller than could be bought by the people cruising them.

I DO agree that many people run out, sell the house and purchase the biggest boat they can. I would also submit that all of those that we met along the way (MANY) gave up cruising in short order! I am always sad for those that go that route. Not for the loss of money, but for the dreams that go unfulfilled.

That said, in my line of work, when I was working, a “fact” was universally true. As you have said that Jill and I (along with others we know) do not fit your "fact", I submit it is only an assumption.

Yes, I like facts but you have completed misunderstood me.

This thread is not about the right size of a cruising boat but about the relation between the size of cruising boat and its safety offshore.

I like diversity and I agree that the size and the type of the boat is a personal choice. But then if we talk about the subject of the thread it is a fact that a modern 50ft cruiser, well designed as any production boat is, it is safer offshore than any 27ft. The fact is that one and not anything about the choice of the size of the ideal cruising boat that I see as a personal choice.

Those boats that I posted represent what the majority of European see as the perfect cruising boat, if they could afford them. It does not represent the choice of all cruisers but a market tendency. That post was trying to show that the tendency, in what regards seaworthiness and cruising space goes in the direction of bigger lighter faster boats that substituted as tendency for offshore work the smaller slower and heavier sailing boats. Not for all but for the vast majority and as a clear market tendency.

Regarding cruising you make a lot of assumptions that I don't understand. Most of the cruisers that buy those big boats or others and have the time to cruise full time don't do that not because they can't but because they don't want. Most cruise during what they call "sailing season" and return home for the winter by the fireplace with the family.

It is not better nor worse, it is a choice regarding life stile.

Regarding that story about boat maintenance Europeans that have the money to buy those boats keep them in average for 4 to 6 years and when they start to get problems or a new nicer model appear they just sell them and buy another new one. Off course we are not talking about everybody but to the ones that have +1 million to give for a new sailboat and have a life style according to it.

We are talking about what sailors would like to do if they have the conditions (and money) to do that. Personally, If I could , I would change my boat every 6 years by a new one and that way would not only have a very contemporary boat as I would escape almost all maintenance and the trouble that gives. However, even if I had all the money in the world, I would not buy one of those big and heavy cruisers, but a smaller and faster cruiser between 38 and 44ft, but that is just my personal choice, my ideal and suits only me and maybe some other sailors since that is a relatively common choice even if not dominant.

Regarding cruising extensively and living aboard a 27 ft boat, not by need but by choice, well I would say that it is not a very common option. Almost non existent here where a 36ft is considered a small cruising boat. It would imply a very spartan way of living but if that suits you and it is your ideal regarding cruising and living style, than it is fine with me, as any other option if you don't try to convince me that a 27ft boat is the ideal boat for me (or to majority) to cruise.



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