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Re: Any one know a thing or two about booms

I have a similar set up on my T30. The outhaul is always hard to use, and I have never taken is apart to see if there is a purchase inside the boom or if it is just a strait cable swagged to the rope that exits near the goosneck. If you take it apart please post your results.

Your boom apears to be already set up for line reefing, your boat originally was set up for roller reefing using a gear and crank at the goodneck, not a good way to go. The blocks at the aft end are set up for 2 reef points that should match the cringles on the leach of your main. If you have the sail that was set up with the blocks on the boom the block should be slightly aft when lined up with the cringles. It looks like the lines were then led forward to the cleats on the mid boom. I am not sure how the luff was secured when reefing on yours. It should involve a second set of reef lines that may cleat on the mast. It might have been a single line systeml, but as Jeff mentioned the friction ends up being too much. One option is to lead the reef lines aft to clutches on the cabin top at the cockpit. Mine is set up that way and can be reefed frrom the cockpit as long as the halyard is also led back to an adjacent clutch and winch. In either case you will need to use a ridgid vang or topping lift while reefing to keep the boom from falling into the cockpit.
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