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re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

I believe you guys that it's not a j-24. after the first person said that, I started comparing pictures. the question is, what is it? and I am going to write down the HIN when I go to see it, today. but it would be nice to have some idea of what I am going to see.

the story is this:

"The boat was a bank tell auctioned. It has been in the water about 4-5
months at my aunts house and pier. She allowed it to be there, however
neighbors complained because it consistently sets in front of pier
verses the slip or boat lift. When the hard rain came a month who the
boat had a lot of water on the inside and tide wad out so ly was in the
mud. I pumped the water out and if is floating at pier but very muddy.
It needs work. Has new sails. It had small outboard but doesn't work. I
need to find title. The boat has to be moved ASAP do my aunt stops
calling me."

yeah. that's hard to read. I didn't write it. he did. anyone ever watch "hold fast"? you can watch it on YouTube. it's pretty cool. anyhow, the guy narrating it claims that there are a lot of abandoned boats at marinas, and just out there, all over. people who couldn't pay for their slips or whatever. he says these boats often go for a song.

now, i'm not expecting a perfect boat for free, but if it's functionally sound, and it can be fixed up to make it "pretty", it's worth checking into for the price of free. a lot of these older boats aren't worth a ton in great shape. I imagine, being stuck with one that needs work, as winter approaches, isn't conducive for making profit.

heck, I bought my holiday20 for 800 bucks. it was in great shape. the guy had just bought a catalina 22 for 300. I had been going to check on that one, actually, but apparently, he got there before me. lol. anyhow, the guy didn't need two boats so he had to sell the holiday. all that took place in November. no one buys boats in November so he got his boat for 300 and I sold me the one he needed to move for 800.

so, I will admit, i'm not sure what he means by bank tell but i'm thinking he got this boat, not worth a ton in good shape, that needed a little work. work he didn't do or maybe couldn't do. and he didn't take appropriate steps the keep rain water out. it's on back river, not sure where there yet, which has shallow areas. during low tide, it sounds like it touched bottom and tipped over, taking on water and getting that stem to stern mud bath. now, he has a boat that, while previously not worth much, will be impossible to sell ( as is ) and he has to move it. so, what do you do? it's become a problem for him so he offers to give it away. lots of people let cars and things go to someone willing to remove them. why not boats?

anyhow, I realize it's likely to be a lot of work, but a free boat is worth looking at. I've known guys who fell into impossibly great deals on motorcycles and cars. I have never been one of those guys. maybe this is my chance to be one of those guys and i'd be silly not to even consider it.

if anyone can look at that picture and tell me what it is, i'll be much obliged. I am supposed to be seeing it, today, at 5pm.

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