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Re: Why are there so many Hunter haters?

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Smack, as usual I like your attitude. I am sorry if it looks if I am bashing Hunters but I was pissed with someone that had said that never had heard about none of those problems and was suggesting it was all an invention. I remember a poster here on sailnet saying that his 56? ft Hunter made a lot of noise in the Hull (the grid banging against the hull) and I remember having heard about multiple cases of rudder loss, some on the press, some from some credible members (Melrna).

Particularly I remember a Hunter case on the ARC with a recent 450 that lost the rudder without hitting anything. Not many Hunters doing the ARC.

All boats lost in the ARC. My mistake,, Hunter rudder 2002, not 3

December 10, 2002

There was till recent years several problems having to do mostly with the design of the boats. I have no knowledge of any problems with the Hunters that are made today or in the last years.

Even in what regard rudder if you have one of those models that are prone to problem all you have to do is dismount your rudder every year and see if everything is alright. Dismounting a modern rudder, clean it and verify it is a 300 euros job and can be made by two persons. Some never dismount their rudders and think they will last forever and that is plain dumb. All modern rudders should be dismounted regularly to be clean and verified.


Thanks for taking my attitude as intended. I don't think you're bashing. You're just presenting a side of the story. So no worries. I'm just a very skeptical guy when it comes to stuff like this.

I have seen much more "substantial evidence" on the rudder failure issue (e.g. - Harker's 466, the 450 in the ARC, the 375, etc.). So, even though the reported sampling is still very, very small in relation to the number of these models sailing around out there without rudder failure - I still take it as a concern that should be watched.

The grid issue is obviously much, much more critical. Catastrophic structural failure is not an option...ever...therefore, this issue is far more worrying for most people considering a boat. So unless there is much more credible evidence that this is a "brand-wide" problem (not just a couple of questionable articles by this Pascoe dude) - then I stand by my assertion that the hysteria is seriously overblown.

Just as you aren't bashing, I'm not necessarily championing Hunter. Yes I own one - but I own it with the understanding it has limitations I need to bear in mind (though as mentioned above, its "limitations" are far beyond what I'll likely be able to handle myself). It's just that I think groupthink can be very stupid - as it seems to be in this case without more evidence to back it up.

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