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re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by captain jack View Post
yeah. that's hard to read. I didn't write it. he did. anyone ever watch "hold fast"? you can watch it on YouTube. it's pretty cool. anyhow, the guy narrating it claims that there are a lot of abandoned boats at marinas, and just out there, all over. people who couldn't pay for their slips or whatever. he says these boats often go for a song.
He's right, down here there are a lot of abandoned boats in yards and marinas. The problem is they are often in really bad shape, otherwise owners or yards would have sold them. They've usually sat so long that they need substantial work, structural and otherwise.

The question you have to ask is, "is this boat worth the effort?". Even if it's free, you can expect to put several thousand dollars into it, probably more than you'd pay to buy one in good shape. If it's a high quality build boat, the end result may be worth having, but if it's not, you are just throwing your money away. You have to decide if the quality of the finished boat is worth the investment.

For example, I recently saw a NorSea 27 abandoned in a yard with no rig and no hardware, I figure probably $30k in improvements along with a lot of personal time to work on the boat. The end result, IMO, would be worth it. OTOH there was an abandoned Hunter that had the rig, and was in one piece, but probably wasn't worth the few thousand it would take to get seaworthy again.

Only you can make the decision on what to do, you have to decide if the investment is worth it. My personal opinion is that J-24s are a dime a dozen and you could probably buy one in better shape with the money you'd invest fixing this one up. They are cool boats, but not worth the time and money it would take. That's my opinion, it's up to you to decide.
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