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re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by Smier View Post
I have 2 "free" boats. Which is a lie, because both have cost me a fair amount of money. The biggest issue besides all the work, is can you even get legal ownership of this boat? Next, is the boat complete? Some items may be impossible to find for an old boat. Unless it were a really popular old boat with a huge following like Catalina's for example. The fact that you will need to find someplace to pay to store it is a deal breaker for me. Both of my "free" boats sit on trailers for free, and I can work on them in my backyard if I want to. Being realistic, are you willing to spend more to fix this boat up than it is worth? Do you have the tools and equipment to repair this boat yourself? Do you enjoy fixing things? Lots of things to think about...
all very good points. nothing, in life, is free. that's just the truth. you may not be paying a hooker's fee but, if you are having sex, you paid for it, one way or the other. know what I mean?

I do have the tools and skills. I have worked almost all trades in construction, to some degree, all of my life. I built my own chopper, in my mom's driveway; fabricating 80% of the parts from raw materials and modifying another 10% of the bought parts. I didn't chop an existing bike. there simply wasn't one, when I started. I did extensive modification to my 9' dinghy, including designing and making the sail and all the spars and rudder and converting it from dagger board to long shallow keel.

having the skills isn't a problem. time is a worse problem, as is money. but the biggest problem is a place to keep it. if I am lucky, maybe I can afford a spot at a marina and acquire a trailer. I haven't had a chance to check marina costs, although I have an idea of a place. it's too bad i'm not more social. I might know someone, down there, with dock space behind their house, if I was. but I don't.

I was thinking about checking on the cost to have it hauled and keep it on the dry as I get it back into shape. but all that remains to be seen, at this point. but, as you guys point out, that will all go into figuring out if I will take it. he supposedly has the title. so, I can check with the DLLR to see if I can get it free and clear. if I can't, I certainly won't take it. no point in bothering.

I have work to do on my holiday20. it just needs cleaning, but I have to find a way, at my mother's house ( where I keep it ), to remove it from the trailer to weld the trailer, where rust has hurt it. it's been sitting for some time.

worse comes to worse, this boat is on the water, not an hour from it on an unusable trailer. If it's not hopeless, I could clean it up and sail it, now, while I fix my other boat's trailer, then sell it cheap or give it away, in better shape than I found it. people deserve a second chance. why not boats?
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