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Re: Sailing, safety, & size

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I don't agree with you that a 35ft to be safer than a 60ft boat assuming the boat is prepared to be solo sailed.

No, not a 44fter, I sail a 41ft boat. I can sail the boat alone even on a storm even if I will do everything not to sail the boat in a storm in first place.

On a storm my boat will have considerably more stability and RM than a similar typed 35ft boat.

Regarding my wife no, she would not be able to sail that boat in a storm or in perfect sailing conditions. She would not be able to sail a 35ft either.

She don't likes sailing and refuses to learn. She has the right to do so and I am happy that she likes to voyage and sail on the boat with me taking car of the sails.

You are mistaken in thinking that a smaller boat is always easier to sail then a bigger boat. It depends how the boat is rigged and on the weight of the boat. My boat is less heavy than most old 35fters and in a storm the amount of sail it needs to sail and make good speed is really minimum.

Even with as little as 15/16K of wind the amount of sail to go at 8K is small, with both main and genoa reefed. Off course I could go at double figure speeds downwind with full sail but then the boat would not be easy to sail one by a solo sailor, as it is with the reefed sails.


I never made a blanket statement that said a 35 footer is safer than a 60 footer. Not sure where you get these crazy ideas. You would make a good news reporter as they do a great job at twisting and spinning a story.
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