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Re: Mini Transat

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
That's amazing. In fact the bath tube bow boat continues to lead and managed not to lose distance during the night in conditions that apparently would not suit that boat. Great sailing also by his skipper, Giancarlo that has won a bit over all other boats. I bet nobody slept last night

That is also amazing the speed and angle that those fat little boats can do close upwind with waves in what is the point of sail they perform the worst. They are doing over 5K and some top boats over 6K with an angle just a bit worse than 45º true.

Conditions should not be easy out there, that's a place where you don't want to sail upwind with 16K of wind (almost 20 apparent). Steep waves and confused seas. That was a tough night and it will be a though day.

Some great pictures here:

Photos première étape en mer | Mini Transat 2013 - Douarnenez / Lanzarote / Pointe-à-Pitre

I hope they get us a nice movie from their Galicia arrival. They are all pretty close.

Now we can see why the race direction wanted to neutralize the race in Galicia:In 24 hours a front will pass there with 33k winds and that means gusting 40 or 50K. Shitty weather in Europe. Big storms swept England and Germany and they say that the other big Transat will start with 25/30K upwind winds.

Well, too bad for them but I hope that can give us some fantastic images

Cartographie | Mini Transat 2013 - Douarnenez / Lanzarote / Pointe-à-Pitre
Glad I read ahead before responding to your earlier comment on 747. Not only did Pedote not lose distance over his competitors, he actually extended his 6 mile lead to over 11 miles, with less than 50 miles to the finish. While it is true that upwind in the scow is not optimal, compared to the earlier part of the leg where everyone was power reaching, in confused seas it may still have an advantage by not burying the bow in waves quite as much - i.e., the same advantage it has reaching in waves (the famous 6.50 practice video we saw earlier this year showed the advantage quite clearly).

Structures is probably taking the right path with the new Pogo 3, which does feature a fuller bow section but doesn't go full-scow. Still too many potential buyers put off by the less-than-elegant appearance of 747. But I predict that if Pedote wins the whole thing, the top guys will all be building scow designs for 2015.

We deal in lead, friend.
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