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Re: Question about sail area


The biggest reason why my boat is like this is because i want to have the appearance of a large cutter rig boat. I am going to be using small pulleys and everything to give sort of a scale effect. Of course i know that a small dingy with like 60ft2 would be practical for small lake use and the such. Over my past few years i have built plenty of plywood and stitch boats. starting with a Harley 8, then i build a pair of boats for my gf and I, then i built 2 PD racers (My avatar is the latest one) All of them were quick built, covered with cheap house paint and enjoyed for a summer before being recycled.

This boat is actually a senior design project for my college... as such it has to be "professional" and i have to make all sorts of calculations and reports and prove that i am not copying other ideas and all this jazz. That is why my goal has been to make a boat that is short enough to evade needing tagged and such (12' is the length at which boats need to be registered here) which is the reason for the 11.75~' length. The reason for the full keel and the push to make a very sturdy design even in such a small boat is that i mean to take it to a lake around here that is... just terribly shaped. It is a very long lake and it sits in a low valley. The wind that blows along it goes from tip to tip and the waves are known to be in the realm of 8' ad i know of a few stories of even large power boats being swamped by rogue waves. Of course these were caused by a sudden upcoming of a storm.

That being said, i am trying to design a small boat for my girlfriend and i, that from a distance looks like a beautiful, large, classic cutter. Along with that i wish for a very sturdy sailing boat (as much as i can gather with this length) and being able to turn around and such are of no importance to me as this boat will only be used for fun days out on the water. Speed is not important to me either, although i only expect a speed of like 4-5 knots tops out of it anyway. the reason for strip plank and opposed to plywood is Girlfriend is tired of flat boats... she wants a beautiful curve. We are fibreglassing the boat because we are tired of them deteriorating over time... we used house paint of the first boat to save money, and we varnished the one in my avatar quite a few times... but the varnish just didnt like being outside in the winter here so it is toast. Lastly, the reason of this boats design is that we do not wish to build another one for a while and i want to be sure that we love everything about this one. and a open hull dinghy looking thing is not something i am interested in ad i am unable to build a 40' cutter. So a 11.75' cutter it is to the best of my ability.

The front and back of the boat will both be solid air boxes, and the seats will also be sealed so that in the event of capsize the ship will stay on the water... this is one of my major methods of combating the potentially dangerous lake.

Anyway, this is a huge post.

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