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Muscling the Motor onto the Outboard Bracket

The Lehr 5 HP propane outboard that I bought back in June comes out of the shop this weekend. (Its reliability is another thread entirely.) I'm looking for your thoughts about the ways I might get it from the cart onto the transom without it or me taking a swim. The motor is not particularly heavy - maybe 58 LBs - so one option is just to muscle it off the cart, step on the boat from the dock, and lower it onto the transom bracket. But, given my advanced age and size (not to mention being out of shape), there is the possibility that something could go awry - especially at the moment when I have one foot on the finger pier, the other on the rear corner of the boat, and am dangling the motor over the transom hoping to gingerly lower it onto the outboard bracket.

A second option might be for my wife and me to carry the motor and set it in place together, one on each side, one of us standing in the boat and the other either on the finger or straddling the finger and the boat. That could work, but if we screw up our coordination both of us and the motor could end up in the drink.

A third option might be like this: detach and pull the mainsail halyard over to the finger pier, attach it to the outboard motor, and with the halyard on the winch have my wife begin cranking. As the halyard takes up slack, I grab the motor and guide it along the rail and then over the transom. (If there isn't enough mechanical advantage I could rig a block and tackle between the halyard and the motor.) My wife lets some slack on the winch, gradually lowering the motor as I guide it onto the outboard bracket. On this option, I'm not supporting the full weight of the motor, just guiding it into place. My wife has the mechanical advantage of the winch (and block and tackle). But here's the question: would you suspend a 58 lb outboard on your main halyard? (More info: our boat is a Beneteau 210, fractional rig, aluminum mast of approximately 30' height.)

Thoughts? Ideas?


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