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Re: Mini Transat

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
As I was expecting on the Mini Transat the 5 leading boats made it safely to Sada. The situation of neutralizing the race without a classification seems unacceptable to me. As in other races could be neutralized at a certain arbitrary point (as it happened recently with a Open60 race) and the classifications and times being the ones there. To the ones that did not manage to pass there at a given hour would be given the same time of the last that had made it.

They had at least 12 hours to find a solution. This race will be a black one on the Mini Transat history and shows that the organization is not at the level of the race.
An even better example is the Tour de France (bicycle version) where entire groups of riders are given the same time when they finish "overlapped" in the peloton or if there is a serious collision near the finish which impedes other riders' progress.

So you are right, I think, that this was not well-conceived or executed by the MT authorities. However, they have the opportunity to fix things if they can find a way to get Craig Horsefield and several other competitors who had to abandon back in the race. Admittedly, I've heard that Craig was at fault in his collision, but I'd still like to see him back in the race, perhaps with a time penalty for the accident.

Also, one would hope they will learn valuable lessons for future races from this experience. And not just the MT but other major offshore events. I say this because I fear that these kinds of weather patterns may become the "new normal" (as we say in NA) and necessitate adjustments to how races have been run historically. Thinking particularly of the Sydney-Hobart Race (among others), which is already a dangerous event, even without changing weather patterns.

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