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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by NCC320 View Post
Something doesn't seem right. That Seafarer (Swan) looks too good to be true. $100-200 purchase price? Outwardly, as far as one can see that boat looks to be in pretty good shape. It might be a good idea to verify the price and that you can get a good clear title to that boat. Talk with the owner. Talk with someone with experience in that size boat and get them to look at it with you. They'll have a better feel for what's needed, if anything, and what it realistically will cost. Why hasn't someone already bought it?

Jack, make sure that you look at your situation financially to make sure that you can handle it. Haulout, bottom paint, wax hull for my 32 foot boat runs about $1,600 every two years. Insurance is $580 a year. Slip fees run $2,000 to $4,000+ depending on where you are. To get insurance may require a survey. Surveys run $3-400?. If the survey finds problems (and they will on a boat of that age), they'll have to be fixed before insurance company will cover it....i.e. more expense. Can you even get insurance? Even liability insurance?...some marinas require it. What needs to be spent on fixing up to a usable condition? Once you buy it, it's yours. If you can't handle the associated bills for any reason, you are going to accumulate an outstanding debt and there's a good chance that someone is going to take you to court and get a judgment against you. Then, until you take care of that, you'll have trouble getting financing on anything down the road until it's cleared up. Meanwhile, you've got two boats to deal with on top of everything else that life throws in your direction.

I know you want a bigger boat, and this one is surely tempting. But you already have a boat that you can't deal with. And no financial reserve. Even $350 is problematic at the moment.
well, all those a very good points. Denise seems to be known, here, which gives me comfort. I guess, "if they are willing to sell it for $100 or $200 why isn't it sold?", is a good question. perhaps it's timing. but I will look it over thoroughly.

the price break down is nice to have. I will write it down so I have an idea of costs. thanks. I am aware that there are costs. having it surveyed hadn't been on my list but I will have to check into it, in case I have to have it surveyed for insurance costs. if I can swing the money, a survey couldn't hurt, for my peace of mind, either.

it's not that I can't handle the trailer repair on my holiday. I got another good idea how to get the boat off the trailer, in this thread, but I've had a few good ideas as to how to do it. but, I've been busy working on stuff for everyone else, this year. I haven't gotten any of my stuff done. I have been letting my things slide. but it wasn't pressing. I've been sailing once or twice a week, on the weekends when I am not near home and actually have free time. it's my keep me sane time. this deal with the free boat and now the seafarer has made me really want to sail a Seafarer boat, again, if for no other reason than that I can take my girlfriend sailing. so, i'm going to pull the boat off the trailer and fix the trailer in the next few weeks. the sooner the better.

$350, without time to accrue it, is a problem. but it's always a problem. different levels of society. right now, the construction field sucks, thanks to illegals taking up jobs and the terrible state of the economy, but, at it's height, a good paying construction job would range in the low to mid $20/hr range, at least around here.

and I really don't know many guys, that can just drop $350, without notice, and not have it be difficult. if it's really important, like your car needs a pricey part so it will keep getting you to work, you scrape it together.

if I had to, for a really important purpose, I could pull the money together, one way or the other. it's been a rough year. my girlfriend has been having one crisis after another, many with her car which is of an age where things start needing replaced, so I have been scraping together funds I didn't have, all year, to help her. my time is free but car parts cost and some of the emergencies were not automotive. anyway, at this stage, that $350 is a real trial and I can't justify it. it's not my boat that suddenly needs something and, although a free boat may be a great opportunity ( or not lol )and even something I want, I don't NEED another boat. I have two. so, I can't justify a mad scramble to pool my resources or talk to friends. I have one or two good friends that act as a support team, together, we help each other out like family. if I had a real need, I could get the money together. but the free boat doesn't qualify as a real need.

for instance, I made the sail for my dinghy 17 years ago. it's still good, but i'm not a sail maker. I am sure a real sail maker would do it better ( which has been shown to be true ) so, this spring, I contacted duckworks magazine to see about having a sail made. I drew a diagram of the sail I made, with important notes, and had them make it. superb work, if may say so. I had to come up with the $250 before they could start. and I did. I juggled a few bills around and the money was there. it's timing, though. I didn't NEED the new sail, although it's been great.

however, over the last few weeks, I have spent at least $300 on parts for her car. those were emergency expenses. plus my car insurance just renewed. I had to buy new boots ( mine were in really bad shape ). and, right now, I don't have the extra room to juggle any money around. and the free boat wasn't necessary enough for me to ask one of my good friends for help.

I guess, I made myself sound more destitute than I am. being an average, blue collar working stiff, sometimes extra money is not hard to raise and sometimes it is. it's a matter of timing and when it rains, it pours.
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