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Re: Fraud on the hook

Originally Posted by MastUndSchotbruch View Post
Nope, I don't work for ICE. But the newspaper reports showed an immigration stamp from some time last year (September, I think) with a validity of 90 days (again, I think). So, unless they renewed the visa (which nobody claims), we DO know the status of their visa, it is expired.

And, again I am certainly no expert (don't even play one on TV), but I would think that ICE is allowed to request to see the visa status. If not there would not be much justification to even have the agency.
See, no - you don't know the CURRENT status of his visa, or if one is even required. You know what her status apparently was in May of this year.
Anything else you assume.

Besides which um, they don't expire. A tourist from France is granted a 90 visa if they apply. If they don't apply - and oh BTW - a visa is NOT required - then the common practice is to stamp the PP with a 1 year period.

Wanna guess what happens when the year is up?

IF they go to a embassy and ask it gets renewed for a year. It's a tourist visa. If they don't go to an embassy and ask, nothing happens.
Even if they are arrested.
Charges were dropped, no crime was committed from a legal point of view.

I'm not defending these guys, Heck I posted the thread!
I'm saying ya'll need to quit hollering about do this and do that when the law protects them just as much as anyone else.
Facts folks, facts.

Lessons learned are opportunities earned.
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