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Re: Trusting someone to take a watch

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious View Post
I'd like to think I treat my crew a lot better than just as cogs in a wheel *grin* but the do eat, stay hydrated, and get rested. I will send people down to rest, especially in the first few days while everyone is excited and jazzed on adrenaline.
That makes a lot of sense to me but I've never seen anyone do that not even Hank.
When I see that everyone is excited at the beginning of the trip I volunteer to sack out for a couple hours. Then I check on everyone again, usually everyone is still going strong. But by midnight all of a sudden it hits everyone at once and then they all get the same idea.
I inevitably get the whole boat to myself from midnight till 4 AM or later. It has happened that they don't wake up until morning.

My thinking is that while everything is going well, the weather is nice, the boat is OK and everyone is healthy I sleep as much as I can.
Then if something goes bad I've got a good 20+ hours in me because I've banked some.
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