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Re: Fraud on the hook

Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
Mast, take your politics to OT. You don't know me from Adam.
1) Do I have to know you so you allow me to respond?

2) What does this have to do with politics? I thought we were discussing a legal question, how long a foreign sailor is allowed to stay in the US with a tourist visa, and whether it is acceptable to break the laws regulating non-immigrant status. What is your definition of 'politics?' And what is your definition of 'your politics?'

[OK, I give you one thing, my suspicion a number of posts ago that authorities might see this situation differently if they were not white Europeans but 'colored' nationals of a third world country can be considered political. But neither you nor anyone else reacted to this so don't accuse me of wasting time or bandwidth]

3) Your post, to which I replied, ended with "Facts folks, facts." I provided facts. Among other things, a link with a picture of the expired visa and another one to the US embassy in France explaining visa regulations.

What facts did you provide so far in this thread? (other than starting it for which I give you credit).

You don't seem to like facts. Or at least not if they don't agree with what you like to think.

But it's fine. I understand very clearly that you don't want to hear from me any more. Wish granted.

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