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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

you know, I have looked at the picture of that boat a thousand times over. it's dirty as hell, but the mast is clean as can be and it's got a nice sail cover.. he told me it's been on the water for 4 months. that rain did get inside and he had to pump it out. he said it got that muddy in low tide. not sure what that means, even, his emails come from his phone and he is a terrible pone typer. lol. I took it to mean it may have tilted over when the water went too low for the keel. I don't know. i'm going to try to get clarity, tomorrow.

if he's telling the truth, it might not be totally trashed. I know it looks worse than that pic of the boat that was submerged for a month or something, in a previous post, but this boat is on the Chesapeake. I don't know the quality of the river that other boat sank in, but the Chesapeake is really dirty. no lie. I love it, but it's filthy. it's water is filthy. and there is a lot of trash on it. if he's telling the truth, well, I can see how falling over in the Chesapeake would make a boat look that bad.

on the other hand, he could be lying. he could have fund it sunk and raised it, hoping to fix it, given up and now his aunt says the boat has to go because he never worked on it. to be honest, when he told me he didn't have the title, Thursday, I was sure it proved he was lying. if he got it from a bank auction, he'd have the title. if he raised a sunken, abandoned boat, he wouldn't have the title.

when he told me, today, he found the title, it gave his story more plausibility. tomorrow will tell all.
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