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Re: Trusting someone to take a watch

Originally Posted by davidpm View Post
Originally Posted by Auspicious
I'd like to think I treat my crew a lot better than just as cogs in a wheel *grin* but the do eat, stay hydrated, and get rested. I will send people down to rest, especially in the first few days while everyone is excited and jazzed on adrenaline.
That makes a lot of sense to me but I've never seen anyone do that not even Hank.
When I see that everyone is excited at the beginning of the trip I volunteer to sack out for a couple hours. Then I check on everyone again, usually everyone is still going strong. But by midnight all of a sudden it hits everyone at once and then they all get the same idea.
I inevitably get the whole boat to myself from midnight till 4 AM or later. It has happened that they don't wake up until morning.
Hank pays more attention than he appears to. I've sailed with Hank a couple of times (you have to before he'll pick you up as a pro skipper). He is at once more laid-back and do-it-yourself than I am. I've seen him take 8 hours in a row a couple of days running to allow crew to find their own groove. It works, but isn't my style.

During the same pre-departure session I mentioned earlier in which we discuss any medical issues or concerns we also talk about sleep patterns (after all there are morning people and night owls) and set the watch schedule. We also make sure everyone has a chance to describe what they want to learn from the trip. Some just want the sea time, others have some knowledge or skill in particular they want to gain.

Originally Posted by jackdale View Post
When I am instructing offshore or on bluewater, I like to take myself off the watch cycle. I doze in the saloon where I will usually wake up when i sense something is wrong. I have a set of standings about when to wake me up.
I do the same on delivery whenever I can. I usually do most or all the cooking, weather, navigation, and instruction. If I'm not doing one of those things I'm resting. The primary responsibility of the off-watch is to get rested.

Originally Posted by davidpm View Post
I was concerned about my timing. Was it 3 minutes or 6 minutes. As you can tell I'm a worry wort. I was thinking about getting an egg timer kind if gadget so between scans you could just huddle under the dodger.
Somewhere in there. Just don't let it creep up to 10 or 15 minutes. That's just too long. If I'm reading I do a scan every time I turn the page. If I'm listening to music I scan between songs (just not Ina Gadda Da Vida). Sometimes I'm just thinking and keep an eye on the time.

Originally Posted by Patient View Post
I always thought it would be really helpful if someone made a Linkedin/Anges List/Yelp style website that was based solely on actual end user interactions with said crew using a rating system.
I don't intend to turn this thread into a love fest for Hank Schmitt. Offshore Passage Opportunities does an informal version of that. I still use OPO as a crew source in addition to my own list. When I get candidates together and start my selection process I call Hank and get his assessment of his guys at the top of my list. He's corresponded with them over time, he's talked to them, he's often sailed with them, and he gets feedback from skippers (like me) and owners.

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