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Re: Sailing, safety, & size

Greg- You're out there. Looked at your blog and it's clear you're doing it. Please don't have the penis envy thing ( bigger is better). People who look down at you have a stick up their butt. It's just like people -the outside don't count as much as what's inside and what they can do. Still, seem thread is coming to a consensus. Bigger is better (comfort, speed, supplies, ride, survivability etc.) but too big is unsafe ( can't single, can't run without power assist, expensive so when times hard may not be maintained etc.).
Where that too big point is varies. For some it's 30' when they won't even depend on the mechanical advantage of a winch. For others it's 50' as they are fit and have an "I can do it" attitude. For me it's low to mid forties as I think my 4'10" bride should be able to handle everything regardless of occurrence.
Believe Lynn and Larry are right-"you can't buy safety". Believe Barefoot and you are right small boats can be quite safe. But Paulo's points are undeniable.

Think the deal with big boats motoring reflects time constraints and attitude. In boat with proper design and SA/D size should have little or no impact on the decision to power or sail. Personally the sound of the engine drives me nuts and can't see why you would put up with all the sailboat issues if you are just going to power. Besides most all boats are faster with the rags up in any decent breeze. Just like it amazes me that people won't buy the best chain and anchor I'm amazed people won't get appropriate light and heavy air sails.

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