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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by manatee View Post
Do any of the boat people you know know of a scout troop or youth organization that could use the rescue of this boat as a project? A boatbuilding/trade school?

Not to sound paranoid, but having dealt with Misters Murphy & Finagle many times, how much 'cushion' do you have in case something goes wrong with the Holiday or trailer?

I see how having a major 'project' boat would give you something to do when the weather is too bad to take the other boat out (N.B. Fix that trailer first! ), but can you afford the time/money sink this free boat will be? Are there projects you could do for your working boat instead?
I don't really know any boat people, like that. the ones I do 'know' are up at lake Marburg, in Pa, where I have sailed for the last 17 years. I have started sailing on the Chesapeake, where this boat it, this summer and I don't know anyone here. this boat does not have a trailer and is a keel boat. no one from Pa is likely to be interested in a boat stuck here.

because I love sailboats, i'd like to save this sailboat. he's going to cut it up if I can't take it, and junk it. I would get stuff of off it to use on my holiday, but the boat's fate would be sealed. if I can't take it, finding someone who would is the next best thing but I don't know anyone.

i'm not actually looking for a project, per se. I have tons on my plate, already. but would like a small cruiser with a fixed keel; something kept on the water that I wouldn't have to trailer and raise the mast every time I use it. the holiday is a C/B day sailor. it's an awesome boat, but it's not a fix keel cruiser and I always need someone to help me raise the mast. I can't put it up, hold it up, AND hook up he jib stay all at the same time. the first time I sailed it, I single handed it but I had someone there to help me with the mast, when I launched and retrieved it. keeping a boat on the water would really be convenient if I wanted to go sailing, in a bigger boat, but no one was available to go with me.

as far as cushion, i'm an average working stiff, I live my life without any cushion. when emergencies pop up, I figure out a way. most people I know live that way.
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