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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by manatee View Post
Some thoughts/concerns:

How big a weather window do you need to get to the marina?

Do you have someone to be chase in case you need powered help?

A working outboard you can rent/borrow?

Do you have/can you make a good emergency tiller? How quickly?

How's the rudder & post holding up?

Can you trust the rigging to get you there?

Should you take it, is the title there, with a bill-of-gift? Don't want you getting canned for piracy, now do we?

Would thinking of the marina charges as paying the mortgage on your boat make them more palatable?

Hope she works out for you. Good luck!
the marina I would most likely use isn't far. less than 15 minute sail away, actually, going by the map. so, I don't need a long window and it won't be a long sail.

I really don't know anyone with a power boat to follow me, unless he will do it ( which I have been considering asking ) and I know no one with an outboard.

however, it's not a far sail away. an emergency tiller is as easy as a cut off broom handle. that's not a problem. making things is what I do.

the rudder and post are quite functional. they move freely but no rattling and, when you move the tiller back and forth vigorously, it moves the the rudder does work.

the standing rigging appears sturdy and trustworthy. no corrosion on any of the metal parts of the boat. the shrouds, fore stay, and back stay all seem to have proper tension, too. the deck, under it, is sturdy, too. I trust it as much as anyone can trust anything they didn't build themselves.

there is a title and he said he'd write me an appropriate bill of sale stating the gift nature of the exchange.

it's not palatability of the marina fees that is an issue, it's the viability. but this one marina is not badly priced, they will let me pay monthly for a while, quarterly on a more permanent basis, and they are willing to work with me on making sure I have the facilities I need. I had a really good experience speaking with them
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