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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by manatee View Post
Or, some big motorized-holes-in-the-water came through, throwing their tsunami-sized wakes at her while she was vulnerable. At the wrong time, it wouldn't take much to flood the cockpit & overwhelm her. Can you tell how big the drains are, and are they completely clear?

Ain't that the truth! Careful, Jack,- she's seducing you. Did you get the info about the designer/builder? I can see added attraction in saving a rare breed of boat, if she was basically sound in design & build. Kind of a knight -you- saving a princess -the boat- from a dragon -the sea- story. Romantic? -Yes. Possible? -Probably. Practical? -Maybe not so much.

Too bad you don't know too many people there, you might be able to pull a Tom-Sawyer-and-the-picket-fence. Maybe some of the folk at the marina would be willing & able to help.

It just occurred to me what this reminds me of: Mal Reynolds finding 'Serenity', on that fun old science-fiction show "Firefly". If you could go into this with that mindset, and sustain it, you might pull this off in spite of the steep climb it looks to be.
I felt around the cockpit sole, under the water. I checked that as soon as I got there. there are no cockpit drains. it's not self bailing. that would have to change.

that's an awesome movie.
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