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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
I'm not going to get emotionally involved with talking you out of this boat. Only trying to be helpful by saying that you are fully rationalizing this situation. At the least, you've admitted to yourself that it will take some money to be usable. While you've convinced yourself that is much less than I believe it will be, this boat is not worth any amount you've talked yourself into. There are boats available at that amount, any amount, that are far superior to a sunken, abandon boat. How long do you think the one sail will last after being at the bottom long enough for the rudder to rot? All the best.........
well, that's one reason i'm going back today: to try to filter out the glamour. I won't deny. it's not fully rational. it's a bit of an adventure, even. the sail hasn't been under water. it never sunk that deep. the water there isn't that deep. it was the tiller, a stick of wood, and not the rudder. however, I do see your point. that's why i'm not just jumping at it.

at some point, like all things in life, you either take the risk or you don't. there are a lot of days I set out in my 9' dinghy ( much much more tender than the holiday ) when a rational man would stay ashore. honestly, a rational man, who couldn't swim like I can't, might think twice about sailing, or at least sailing a small dinghy, at all.

I am going to do my best to make a sound decision but no decision about a boat should be made without an element of passion. it's like marrying a woman, who is a perfect partner, but whom you feel nothing for and don't find particularly attractive. it might be perfectly rational. women, that are truly good partners, are hard to find. rationally, you should suck it up and choose a good partner, but who can be happy with a choice like that? where would be the joy in the living?

I will not take up this project if I don't think I can actually get a good result. if I do take it up, I do so in the attitude that it is an adventure...a quest, if you will. if I was to be completely rational, as has been pointed out, I would have no boat until I was set up financially and had a nice nest egg as an emergency fund. then, I would take real money and find a boat at a reputable broker, one that had been surveyed and proven good.

in fact, if I was a completely rational person, I would have taken swimming lessons and then sailing lessons before ever sailing. a rational person, who can't swim, doesn't go out and get a bunch of books on sailing and sailboat design, buy a really small old dinghy that needs help, itself, and just go sailing. that's crazy. that's how you drown. that dinghy, which has done me so good for 17 years and has had much more time on the water than my holiday, didn't just need some fixing up to make it nice or to make it exactly what I want. it leaked like a sieve. I had to go to shore every half an hour, remove the rubber cork I use for a drain plug, tilt the boat back on the transom while holding the boom out of the way, and drain a ton of water out of it. then back on the water, i'd go. also not rational...but not a mistake. sailing, and that boat specifically, has been one of the greatest elements in my life. it gives me sanity. I have loved that boat, and always will. no matter what boats I have in the future I will always treasure, and always sail, that little dinghy that started it's life with me as someone else's trash.

i'm not saying this boat is another boat, like my dinghy, just that it might be. I am saying I am giving it serious thought before I decide it's a hopeless cause whose time of usefulness is past.

I hope all the people who have posted here don't think their warnings have fallen on deaf ears. they haven't and they have helped me be more critical of this decision than I might otherwise have been. but, in the end, i'm the one who can actually see this boat and i'm the one that knows my capabilities and i'm the one that will be stuck with the outcome of my decision.

if I could download all my sensory input, from checking this boat out, into the computer and you guys could just plug into it, that would be great because you could see what I see. you might have the same dire predictions but you might not, either. with the limited input I can write here and the history I have gleaned, you can't help but only see the bad and it would be unkind of you not to point it out to me and let me walk into a trap, unaware. and I am thankful you guys have done your best to help me avoid a big mistake. your efforts are not wasted. I will be very critical before I make that final decision.
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