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Re: How to sleep

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious View Post
My analysis was to leave tomorrow morning at dawn. I had two phone calls with Chris Parker yesterday (a very patient man). Together we walked through his thoughts and mine. The conclusion I came to is that his guidance to leave Wednesday morning is well founded for either Salty Dawg or the Caribbean 1500. I think Chris makes a good case for more sailing and less motoring and likely the same arrival date by leaving Wednesday.

I think on my own boat with a good crew I'd still leave anytime between midday today (Sunday) and dawn tomorrow (Monday) and take the risk of some drifty days and the possibility of a fast run if we get far enough East early enough. For guidance to a rally Wednesday makes much more sense.
Well, you're obviously looking at the bigger picture than I am, I was simply thinking about getting across the Stream before the wind goes NE...

However, a look at Passageweather (yeah, I know :-) ) indicates they should have some very fast sailing thru about Wednesday, or into Thursday, allowing the fleet to get way down the rhumbline before it starts to lighten up... Later next week, seems like things in their wake SE of Hatteras start to get pretty flukey...

Obviously, you and Chris are seeing something different than what the Gribs alone indicate, I'd certainly defer to his call...

Originally Posted by SVAuspicious View Post
Originally Posted by JonEisberg
In this case, heading down the beach to Hatteras is the way I'd be inclined to go, as well...
Why? I would have stayed further East and crossed the GS further North perpendicular to the stream, about where Rayana and Intruder II are. I think Te Mana would have been further East and just as South if she hadn't stayed so close to the beach for so long.

Nothing like armchair quarterbacking. *grin*
If my primary concern is getting across the Stream as quickly as possible, I'd generally head for it close to Hatteras... Especially with the Stream tailing off to the ENE as much as it is these days... heading more easterly out of the Bay could easily postpone entering the GS by half a day or more. Not to mention, putting you into it at night. Aiming for a entry much further than about 74.30 W is gonna be more difficult to time your crossing of the GS to be done mostly in daylight...

You're right, of course, for us to Armchair Quarterback this stuff is largely meaningless... So much stuff you don't know until you get out there, the sea state/wave train can dictate much of the initial course to be sailed, and so on...

Still of all the boats in the fleet, I like the position of that Kanter 65 the best... Looks like he's already out of the Stream, and is considerably higher than those further south... If Passageweather is to be believed, the fleet is gonna be sailing pretty hard on the wind in another 48 hours, and "Riding the Curve' is really gonna pay off, looks like some of the boats further south are heading more E now, as well... Those boats to the N of the Kanter heading more easterly look like they'll spend tonight in the Stream... With the wind now reported as N at around 25, they're in for a pretty sporty ride...

Looks like an IP 44 is headed back to Norfolk, and a Hylas 45 appears to be making towards Beaufort... An H-R 46 seems to be sailing a strange course to the SW, as well, I wonder if he's thinking of diverting to Beaufort or Charleston, too?

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