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Re: "Free boat" seaworthiness

I wrote him to notify him of my decision. this is what I wrote:

"ok. i have come to a decision. this has been a hard decision for me. that was once a really nice sailboat. it even had roller reefing for the main sail. I wish my holiday 20 had a mast and boom like that! i really wanted to rescue it. i went to look at it, again. since you said i could take it whenever i wanted, i didn't figure you would mind me looking at it, again. i saw a lot more clearly, this time. besides he barnacles that are all over the outside and inside, which i might never fully rid the interior of, i discovered many places where there is fiberglass delamination; soft spongy areas on the deck. that's not good. as it urns out, the balsa core has actually turned to dirt, in some areas. if it can be fixed, it entails removing the top layer of glass, replacing the core, and epoxying the top layer of glass back on. it's just way too much. the cost and time to do it would be unreal. If I took it, i'd just end up wasting a lot of time and money. it's unsafe as it is and I can't fix it.

when you are cutting it up, if you can keep from damaging the mast, boom, stays ( wires that support the mast ), and mast step ( the piece that attaches the mast to the deck ), i'd love to have them. just let me know and I will come down to pick them up. if you have the jib sail, i'd take that, too. whatever you do, don't pay the landfill to get rid of these parts. at least ebay them. they are nice and someone should use them. I do see masts and booms on ebay, frequently. if I could have taken them today, I would have. anyhow, let me know about that.

one piece of advice, a keelboat usually has a keel that is made of led, at least partially. probably almost a thousand pounds of it, in a boat that size. sell it to a salvage yard. it would probably pay the landfill costs for the rest and might even give you a bit of pay for your work.

I appreciate you working with me, the last few days, to try to rescue that boat. I love sailboats and it hurts to see one destroyed. I just can't save that one, no matter how much I want to.

you had said I could take the parts I wanted before you demo the boat so I did that today. they will be put to good use on my holiday 20.

I was talking to your aunt's son while I was there. he was telling me how many times, and how long, it had been under water. that does explain all the barnacles and the delamination. when you and I were talking, I hadn't understood just how much it had been under water. he said it was nice when it first came there and that your aunt has been wanting it gone for years. I really wish i'd have known about it back then. i'd have loved to have had it and would gladly have taken it off her hands.

anyhow, good luck and let me know about the mast, boom, stays, and mast step.

thanks again"

I really hope he gives me the spars. I am sure I could make them work on my holiday, with a little work. it doesn't have reef points, at present, but I could have them put in the sail and a roller reefing main would be awesome. then I just need to get a roller furler for the jib. actually, I could make one.

so that is that and this thread is all wrapped up.
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