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Re: Embedded Chain plate maint/replacement

Originally Posted by chucklesR View Post
Here's some photo's (inside, outside) of new plates installed - basically following the same plan that Jimmy C at The Rigging Company is recommending for mine.
That looks nice and sure is a simple clean way to do the job.

They obviously got it to work but I've got a question about the process.

I'm assuming that the bolts we see are carriage bolts.
The head is in direct contact with the gelcoat.
I've used a lot of carriage bolts but always with the head on wood, usually soft wood. We would just drill a hole pop in the bold and crank on it until the head crushed into the soft wood.

In your case I suspect you would have to somehow cut the square for the head and be very, very careful in tightening the nuts as to not crush the gel-coat.
Probably very important to use a locktite product too since you can't really tighten them hard.
Is their a good chance that even if the bolts are perfectly installed that the heads under tension could cause gelcoat cracks?

Does that sound about right?

I'm also concerned that the chain plate is now only supported by the width of the CP and not by the full length of the horizontal pieces.
The factory design was obviously driven by some cost factors but your through bolted design would have been even cheaper to do.
Do you think they went with the embedded design only to eliminate the bolts showing or maybe partly due to structural reasons?
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