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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
I am probably more familiar with autonomous vehicle technology than you are. Small underwater drones would be anything but massive. Technoloy is leaping and bounding faster than we can even follow the advances. The capabilities and low cost are stunning. Nothing else, no other technology can approach it for low cost, lack of intrusion or impact and effective information gathering of this type.

Survelliance is a telling word choice,.. why would you say that? Seems to convey suspicion and evil doing. By your definition, would a farmer checking his cows be keeping surveillance on them?

I certainly don't have a plan to bring countries together. I do know that knowledge is better than lack of knowledge in developing policies and acheiving goals. If the goal is to NOT kill aquatic life, then information is the first step in preserving it.

Or we could follow your plan of reviving the ocean after all of humanity is extinct. :-)
I say surveillance because that was a large part of my job for most of my life, and I probably know a little more about it than you might guess, and that was what we called what you are talking about doing.

I've also worked in foreign countries, for our government, and have seen, firsthand, how hard it is to get cooperation, on the smallest, and most uncontroversial things. If thinking that I will see happen in the future, the same things I have seen happen in the past, makes me a nut, then I am a nut.
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