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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
Sure G9 the universe will survive without makind too but that isn't relevant or helpful to our conversation about what "we" do in our lifetime and what we experience in our lifetimes with pollution...sea life and coral reefs....etc...


that video is unbelievable. The ending where he says we must change ourselves to imagine a world that isn't about greed and our frantic pursuit of "growth" is very powerful. In many small ways I know I have done that and I think its epitomized by many of the sailors who read and post here. They do not seem greedy, and they surely love the ocean.

If I could just imagine for a moment a partial solution, I could see fleets of underwater drones with cameras and sensors monitoring the ocean floor and the coral reefs and reporting back continuous information, combined with AIS, GPS and global weather data to make a tool for scientists, fisherman and politicians. A plan could be developed to manage, restore and preserve fish populations and habitat.
I want clean oceans and a place for wildlife as much as anyone, maybe not some insane lefties but as much as normal people do. However, the idea of drones roaming the waters (and skies) in their thousands keeping an eye on me and recording everything I do is horrifying to me; especially when those drones are under the control of various humorless"green" do-gooders and faceless government bureaucrats. One of the reasons I sail, one of the reasons I make my living on the sea is the freedom and the need to be self-reliant. I can be monitored and controlled much more efficiently on land. I know that there are drones operating out there now but the idea of Earth First or Greenpeace drones is just creepy.

I'll destroy EVERY drone I come across
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