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Re: We Killed the Pacific Ocean

Relax, my opinion means nuts anyway. I am literally a nobody. Not an "insane lefty" either.

But I do know this - these wonderful inventions are coming. I was just in a hobby store looking at $500 GoPro Quadcopters that follow you and run the camera. Imagine a snowboarder posting a video of himself doing jumps and shooting down a huge mountain. or a surfer, sailor, whatever... same thing. A sportsman. All footage is by his own personal drone with a Gopro, 360 degree view from 10 feet overhead. Same thing with sailboats, autocross, motorcycles, hikers. You can buy this today, its on the shelf for $500 .. Has built in GPS and alitmeter, links to your Iphone.

Anything can be used for evil, but this amazing technology is coming to you and me to use. Imagine forest fires, emegency responders, surveyors, athletes.... the list is endless.. 90% will be helping us see and look at the world in ways we could have never imagined. Its here. Thats technology coming into your hands. Not politics.
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