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Re: Transat Jaques Fabre

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Another one postponedand as for the mini transat there is a lot that I do not agree with the race committee decisions:

Manfred Ramspacher ( sporting director ) explained:

"The event sport direction the entire organization has made the decision to postpone the start until a more favorable situation arrives, which could be Thursday.”

“Winds 30 to 50 knots which could endanger the skippers and their boats are forecast. We are well aware that classes such as IMOCA could start. But our main concern is the overall safety of the crews.”

“Our decision is based on the forecast that we could get away from Le Havre but with difficult conditions and some uncertainly at the ras Blanchard, at Ushant, and some very difficult conditions at the start of the Bay of Biscay.

Our first aim is to ensure we can get maximum number of boats finishing Itajai.”

“We must maintain this solidarity in the event. The possibility of starting Wednesday or Thursday not for certain. We think it can happen, but it is still uncertain. The MOD 70 are still programmed to start on Wednesday or Thursday, we will decide in consultation with them.

An IMOCA race might have been able to start, and I can understand their disappointment, but we are a multi-class race. "

It does not make sense. They say that this is a multi-class race but they were not to start all at the same time, according with the planned.

If they were not to start at the same time (not even at the same day) if the Open60's have conditions to sail out and race why no start the race for them at the scheduled time and have a start on the other classes when the weather allows safety conditions from them?

Since there is not a honor line to anyone (different starting times) and this is strictly a class race I cannot understand why?

Anyway, it seems to me that the Open60 guys are pissed with the decision ("I can understand their disappointment").

Does anybody understand why they have taken the decision to not let go the Open60's?
Well, François Gabart was very diplomatic in his comments about the decision, and pretty much said that the IMOCA boats could have started but that he supported the RC's decision. What they say privately among themselves is another story, of course, but even though they could have gone racing doesn't mean they would have enjoyed themselves if they encountered 40-50 knots on the nose.

For the multi-hulls, an entirely different story, and nobody wants to see a repeat of several years ago when a good portion of the ORMA fleet was knocked out of the race, with boats breaking rigs and capsizing all over the place. Not good for the sponsors at all.

If this is not a weather fluke, the race organizers might need to start thinking about scheduling these races for a different time of year, although for the TJV it's summer time in Brazil when they arrive, so don't know if arriving in the Brazilian winter is any better. I'm not a meteo-maestro.

Meanwhile, out here in Western Long Island Sound, we had very good breeze for our Fall Laser Regatta yesterday, with a steady 12-18 knots, gusting to 20+ at times. Air temperature was about 9-10C and the water was still relatively warm, though cooler than a couple weeks ago. Despite having a very good finish at the Laser Masters North American Championship, a few weeks ago in Newport, under similar conditions, nothing went right yesterday and I finished very poorly. For some reason my concentration was quite bad and I think wearing the dry suit was not a good decision, as it was more difficult to move about in the boat during tacks and gybes - perhaps one reason I capsized more yesterday than the last year combined.

Anyway, now I will take a 3 month break from racing Lasers and do some traveling and spending even more time in the gym, getting ready for February midwinters in Florida, then Spring series here, in March. Maybe by then the MT will have started.

We deal in lead, friend.
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