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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Paulo -

About writing a screenplay on the Goss-Dinelli rescue...

No, I am not in that business at all. I work in high tech customer support, mostly involving search engines, for a global multi-national corporation. But I have two degrees in English, and taught writing at university level for a few years before changing careers. So I think I could figure it out using screenwriting software. It would basically just be an adaptation of Goss' book and secondary source material on the subject. Probably have to consult with Goss and Dinelli to develop the personal / emotional / psychological side of things - in that respect, Goss is an interesting character, in that he is not "really" a sailor, per se, but more of an adventurer in the classical sense. That is, a man seeking new challenges and pushing himself to achieve things in the face of adversity.

What is most striking about his telling of the rescue story is how little emotion was involved on his side. When he was alerted by the RC that Dinelli was in trouble, he did not wrestle with the question of what to do or what risks to himself might be involved. He radioed his response then turned his boat upwind in a howling Southern Ocean gale, and sailed more than 400 miles back the way he came. And that was the easy part. Getting Dinelli off the boat was even more challenging, as he could have easily been lost at sea during the transfer.

I have not read Dinelli's account but I would suspect it is more emotionally charged. Anyway, I will give this some thought, as I've often felt this story deserves to be told on film, very much like the Shackleton Expedition rescue.

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