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Re: Big Freakin' Sails

I use Bonine too, but the best remedy for seasickness that I have come across is the Relief Band. This isn't the accupressure or massage type wrist band, but a gizmo that emits electrical pulses to the underside of the wrist. You have to use some of that electro-conductive gel to make it work. The device was originally developed for chemo patients and is FDA-approved. Please note that last bit: unlike the accupressure bands, this device went through the entire government rigamarole to have double-blind testing done. But I think the best evidence that it works is that the Relief Band was covered by insurance companies as a necessary treatment for chemo patients. Yup.

Unlike every treatment except the anti-emetic perscription drugs (scopaline) and the OTC drugs such as dramamine and bonine, the Relief Band can actually claim in its advertising to work. And as far as I know, it is the only treatment that can work even after the nausea has started (try that with bonine).

My son had proven to be susceptable to motion sickness, so when he was going on a cruise with a friend's family, I bought one for him. He wound up never using it. However, one night my wife awoke, severly nauseous. I put the Relief Band on her wrist, adjusted it, and she said the sickness went away completely within 15 seconds. We both were amazed. I gave the Band to my sister in law a couple of years later while she was going through chemo, but I don't think she ever used it.

I heard that the manufacturer had stopped producing the units because one of the subcomponents was no longer available. I remember getting emails from the vendor where I purchased my unit, telling me that if I wanted one, I'd better hurry because they may become scarce. I later read that the manufacturer was still making the units, but that they had cut down the number of models produced (they had a "disposable" model, one where you could replace the battery, and I think a third kind). I just did a quick search, but didn't see and real "Relief Bands" for sale. I saw some electric wrist devices that massage the accupressure points, but nothing that gives the little zaps of electricity like the Relief Band. But it was a quick search, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone else picked up the baton or if some older units are available out there. Definitely worth it.
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