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Re: Solo Mast Stepping System

Originally Posted by Rhys05 View Post

I like this system, especially since your boat and mine are nearly the same size, with my mast maybe a bit heavier. A couple questions: Do you have the bottom of the A-frame secured to the boat? I'd be concerned with it slipping out under load, but perhaps the cross member just pushes up against the cabin? Are you just attaching the tackle to the spinnaker bracket on the mast? Do you have any lateral support for the mast, or are you just relying on the fact that the A-frame won't swing side to side to keep the mast centered as it goes up/down?


I used the exact same system on the S2 7.9, got my buddy to do it with his... He and his father modified the support behind the boat to use the gudgeons to put a mast-upper on them.... the key is to get the mast raised a bit at the stern. Catalina direct sells a "mast-upper" that has pins that drop right into your gudgeons.... and the device extends from road height to I believe 6-8 feet above the gudgeons.. I used that device on my Capri 22, but a friend of mine has used it on his Oday 26 (MUCH heavier than the S2).

if you look close I tied off the bottom corners of the A-frame to the stanchions. since the A-frame remains fixed, I tilt it a bit towards the stern, so the tendency is to kick out forward, so tying off to the stanchions (from behind), stabilizes it right away... and there is NO slipping then. If you worry about the deck scratching (and you should), you can put carpet on the bottom corners of the A-frame. Mine is a 3 stay rig, 2 lowers, 1 upper... and i leave the aft lowers connected, and the upper.. but the forward lowers are free (as per catalina 25 suggested manual).. You have to be a LITTLE more careful with the S2 rig, because the spreaders are swept more, and there are only 1 set of lowers nearly in line with the uppers.

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