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Re: Production Boats and the Limits

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
So on this whole "motion comfort" thing - I'm gonna have to call a little BS. On our recent 150-mile offshore delivery...shown here:

The Smackboys' Adventures : 150-Mile Offshore

...we were on a very nicely maintained Pearson 365 Ketch. Our course was ENE at 6-7knots, and the conditions were sporty but not bad (as you can see in the video):

15-20 knots SSE
6'-8' seas with the occasional 12'er rolling through (a bit more south than the wind)
Tight, choppy windwaves atop the swells
Clear and cool

Now I think many would consider the Pearson 365 a fairly respectable "bluewater boat" (some might not and I get that) that should offer a fair amount of "motion comfort" with its cutaway keel, skeg-hung rudder, deepish hull, etc. Also, this is my 4th 100+ mile off-shore on this boat, two of them races, so I'm pretty familiar with it.

Well, I puked...for the first time ever.

And the boat did some serious splashing at the bow (you can see it in the video) - some might call it "pounding". She also did a hell of a lot of creaking and groaning in that seaway. And, I want to be clear, she's a great boat.

Now, I'll revisit this issue when we get our Hunter out there this spring...but, my working theory right now is that when we compare the "production" boat to the "bluewater" boat - everything we're comparing is extremely relative and far more subtle than most want to acknowledge.

It doesn't matter what boat you're in - if the conditions are right, you're gonna puke. And eventually, you'll get over it. "Motion comfort", at least as framed in these debates, is a very squishy concept.
Do you think you would have gotten sick quicker on a less "comfortable" boat?
I found my wife, kids and I like the slower motion better. Also having our kids on board adds to the uneasy feeling. We haven't gotten sick yet but the closest was when our kids got sick.

Don't totally discount the "comfort" yet. I have found it has its place when comparing similar sized boats.
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