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Re: The Ocean is broken? really?

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
Wellguys, I'm going to make the very short leap of the pier of logic.

I/we/you may not like that, but it is the only logical way. Strong Federal protection of our waters, restriction, fines, regulations.

You can never regulate a solution to a problem. There is a speed limit on the highway and driving down the road today I would say there are more people disregarding the regulation than those who are following the law.

That is not a logical solution as if it were, they could regulate it as far as making it illegal to sail any boat on any waterway and we would still be facing a problem. The problem is more the stuff we consume on land and has very little to do with guys in the stink pot throwing their trash and pumping their head in the water.

If you have ever travelled to a third-world country, you saw piles of trash and poverty. These people have enough problem finding a meal and cleaning up is not top of their list and regulation enforcement only applies to people or companies who can afford to pay the fine, WHICH does not go to cleaning up, but another tax revenue for the government. The only thing that cleans up the land is a big storm, which washes it into the ocean.

The only near term solution to the problem is each of us doing our part to clean up after everyone else.

If you wanted to add another regulation, why not a community service requirement for welfare or unemployment? Even disability when someone is actually able to help their community. Why not more community service requirements for those caught breaking the already thousands of pages of regulations instead of fines that just are just another general fund tax.

If you wanted to solve the problems why not have the EPA actually use the fees and fines it collects to actually clean up the waterways? Why not instead of huge fees to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, they just require that they clean up 3 old wells and platforms before drilling another one?

It is human nature to strive for power and as long as human nature exists, there will be no collective governmental effort to solve this problem, so it is up to you and me, my friend, to do our own part.
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