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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

I am young. I sail in fact i cruise. Learned sailing dinghies when i was really young sold everything and bought my boat, that being said I never go out my family has loaned me quite a bit of money and my only expenses are boat expenses and college, also i'm not doing college all at once which gives me the time to work and work on my boat on the semesters that I take off. i have found however that we are a dying breed. The funny thing is as a young sailor i think I actually use and want less technology on my boat than many of my middle aged counterparts do. I do not have or want radar, night vision scopes, satellite internet or phones, i have ais, a chartplotter and 2 vhf radios, one dsc one not oh and an electric autopilot for the great lakes. i have found that it is very ard for me to find people to sail with me and a lot of the people i have sailed with that are my age have been almost astounded with how simple my boat was, as they were expecting electric toilets water heaters, lavish luxury and I have a simple 30 foot sloop from the 70's with a manual head, brass galley hand pumps, etc. i think the desire to discover to cultivate one's own comprehension of the great knowledge of the world is dying. I don't identify with many of my peers. I'm doing the college things slowly because I have to but i am not content just learning these lists of info so I can get a god paying job. I prefer to develop an accurate perception of reality by discovering. Sailing is one of the last great unknowns. Before I bought my sailboat, I had crewed on others but i had spent time hiking, biking and kayaking. I think all of that is dying out, long voyages just don't happen by young people in the same fashion anymore its awful. There has always been something to me thats enchanting enlightening and romantic about the great explorers, i was heavily influenced by Tania Aebi, Laura Dekker, Jessica Watson and most of all Jarle Andhoy and the crew of berserk. My biggest sailing goal is to go to antarctica not on my own boat of course I am not as insane as Jarle Andhoy. But young explorers still do exist.
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