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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

when I took my 100 ton masters it was as simple as having a captain sign your log book, saying you actually sailed...truth be told ANYONE could do this...I used my logbook as I was the captain on my boat and then had the captain of the spanish boat I crewed on sign my other...

never did somebody verify this...and this was at one of the bigger schools in ft lauderdale fl...

and I trully agree...licenses SHOULD be practical tests...or be much more hands on...not to mention I still beleive that the whole 6pack and masters licenses are really useless when it comes down to it...sooo much jibberish and very little practical real world information..
oh and even less useful for sailors...I laughed so hard when the sailing endorsement was basically a 5 page booklet that one took AFTER the whole course...same for towing...

about rallies I remember there was one going up the red sea when the pirate attacks started becoming more frequent and we decided to go alone and not use our navigation lights at night specifically to help us be less evident and be caught...we used radar though.

The last thing we would of wanted was to be a huge floating mass of sailboats all in a herd all lit up and communicating between eachother day an night like most rallies do, making us the biggest target ever!


the great thing about it all is that one has options still...last thing I would want is for every country to adopt laws forcing people to be "masters of the sea" and make it so hard to go beyond the harbor or achorage without doing something ilegal that it would kill most peoples aspirations to even start sailing.

rallies when done well can be nice...the baja haha for example has a great record...and doesnt imply its something greater than it really is etc...

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