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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I don't think the J122 is built in the states. The boat is built by Jcomposites in France, at least the first ones were and certainly almost all are since they are sold almost all in Europe. Some Europeans like teak decks, specially in cruising boats

J/122 Articles & Reviews

J Composite - Home - J Boats - J Composites

The J122 would have not any change to have survived as a performance cruiser with a relatively good interior in the states. That market is almost non existent there and most of the brands that make those boats in Europe or don't have dealers on the states or just make a symbolic effort since the boats are not sold.

Salona have tried and sold one boat to a very happy client that is a member of this forum, a salona 37.

Most American sailors still see does boats as race boats


The updated interior and hull lights on the J/122 immediately change my entire outlook on that boat. I would have never considered it as a performance cruiser option for myself before; now it looks highly desireable, though still shockingly expensive for what you get (don't even think about adding the carbon rig option).

At least in my part of North America, the only European brands that are having success appear to be Beneteau, Jeanneau, Hanse and, to a lesser extent, X-Yachts and Swan (really up and down according to the economy - probably mostly down right now). Otherwise, it's Catalinas, Hunters, and the occasional Alerion. J/Boats is selling J/70s and J/88s in North America, but not sure they're selling much of anything else these days.

Speaking from my own perspective, I think we are starting to experience the full impact of U.S. economic decline across the board. For the money it costs me to pay for my health insurance every year, I could be sailing a new Archambault 31, Malango 888 or Dehler 32, and I'm fortunate to be able to afford health insurance right now. Instead, I'm sailing a Laser. All around me people are struggling and concerned about keeping their jobs. Not a great climate for selling boats.

Of course, I realize that from the perspective of someone in Somalia or Bangladesh we have no reason to complain. But we're talking about selling boats, so let's agree that nobody in those countries is going to buy a performance cruiser at any price. But I think American economic decline is one reason the market is so contracted and people are holding on to boats that are 15-25 years old, and support the rating systems that keep them "competitive".

Meanwhile, in the TJV, Bernard Stamm is showing us why we should never count him out when he has things in working order. Just unfortunate for him that he has to compete against the two top IMOCA 60 sailors in the world, on the fastest IMOCA 60 on the planet. Wonder what Armel Le Cleac'h is doing right now? And where is Banque Populaire?

We deal in lead, friend.
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