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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by Melrna View Post
Bottom line, is if any boats were in the Gulf Stream in that kind of weather, boats will break without good seamanship, crews will get sick and injuries will happen. I just hope those that are Monday Night Armchair Sailing have been out in these kinds of seas and winds... Let have a discussion based on facts not Armchair Sailing.
These unappreciative Monday Night Armchair Sailors make me sick!

Here on Sailnet, they simply don't appreciate the amazing opportunity to worship at the feet of these Ocean Giants, amazing geniuses who are capable of fantastic feats of superhuman gallantry by actually SAILING IN THE OCEAN AWAY FROM LAND!!!

Anyone who can SAIL IN THE OCEAN AWAY FROM LAND deserves our everlasting respect and admiration! It is such an amazing act - I can't believe any human can actually do it!

By the way, this was no mere gale that surprised a bunch of unprepared geriatric picnic sailors on boat-show boats that were too big for them to handle, IT WAS A FULL BLOWN HURRICANE, capable of smashing boats instantly in the Gulfstream, rendering genuine real sailors into quivering, blood-puking, EPIRB-activating survivalists, you damn Monday Night Armchair Sailors!

Now, take some expensive, Blue-Water Sailing courses, buy a boat-show 40-footer, and have some respect for your superiors!

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