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Re: " All Is Lost" movie

Originally Posted by ragzamoto View Post
This is a sailing forum come on folks.... its fun to poke fun at this stupidly done sailing movie about a deeply flawed man that has run away to sea in an ill equipped boat with no skill . But since I walked out when he was searching around in the the silverware draw while his boat is sinking I guess I will never find out why he was so interested in finding out where he was when he could not do a damn thing about it . I guess the folks in Hollywood were smart enough to know not put it in any sailing areas untill it got enough steam to blow through the flawed technical aspects .

I think Captain Ron is the best sailing movie ever!!!!!
Actually I think fetching a can opener was pretty critical since a bunch of his food was canned (as I recall).

The sextant enabled him to track his drift into the shipping lanes. It was important to the movie but yeah, I'm not sure it's risking your life over, especially since he was only drifting and not navigating.

And since we're talking about it, I'm not all that sure he was deeply flawed. The back story was intentionally vague. You either like the story you create in your head or you don't.

Just last night I was listening to a radio program about dying well. They made the point that one "good" thing about having a terminal illness is that it gives you an opportunity to repair and/or enhance your relationships. There are 4 key sentences at that time in your life: I love you, I forgive you, Thank you, and I'm sorry.

Redford's opening monologue covered the "I'm sorry" part. Anyway, I only took it to mean that he made mistakes in his life like we all do, not that he was deeply flawed or that he was running away. The sextant appeared to be a gift since there was a card along with it. His boat also looked pretty lived in with a bunch of books. In spite of his mistakes, I don't think we were supposed to be left with the impression that he was a complete novice.
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