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Re: Transat Jaques Fabre

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Bad luck for them, bad luck for the race. They have been sailing like that for a long time and were able to maintain the leadership.

“Vincent Riou and Jean Le Cam are 190 miles from Cape Verde. They are going to make the most of the proximity of the islands to make a technical stop. The PRB duo discovered overnight on Monday that their port rudder is damaged This problem has not affected the overall performance because they have been sailing on a port tack. However for the rest of the race, it is absolutely necessary to make a repair. The technical team of PRB is already on site on the Cape Verde island of Sao Vicente and expects the Open 60 in the middle of tonight. The repair should be done very quickly. This pit stop, according to the routing specialists, will take PRB off their course by just a few miles.”

Now they will be in even terms with Macif that has done the same in Peniche. I hope they can maintain that tack since Cabo verde.
Agreed, this is not good at all for anyone. Really sorry it happened, though again I am alarmed at how much junk is floating in the ocean, waiting to cripple sailing vessels. Such a pity and not a good sign for the future of sailing offshore.

I also hope PRB gets back in action very quickly, so that this stays a race and not simply the Macif parade. All it takes is a light patch to compress everyone and shuffle the standings. C'mon Bernard! Vamos / Alons-y!

We deal in lead, friend.
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