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Re: CFS: Carbon fiber stone.

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Well, when I posted it was like that. I guess Boidevesi took the best course option on the beginning of the race but then he messed up. The best play now seems to be from Pedote and Benoit Marie. we can saw that on the same course Pedote was faster.

They diverged courses and have different tactical options. The one from Pedote seems to be quite a lonely one. I understand both options but I am not sure what is the best. Pedote will get less wind on the next hours, he is on the more direct course and then it will be on the right place regarding wind pressure but the others that go west can go in that direction for a while going with stronger winds and then turn south to continue to get good pressure.

Cartographie | Mini Transat 2013 - Douarnenez / Lanzarote / Pointe-à-Pitre

Very interesting. In what option you guys bet on?

Aymeric Belloir is a professional navigateur, not a top one but anyway a professional and not a kid. Ut would be expected that a guy like him would be racing on the proto. I agree that the performance is amazing.

"His job is to sail as cleanly as possible and if victory is at the end, so much the better. A creed with which he has been fairly successful so far since 'Aymeric was crowned Champion of France Promotion Solitaire dominating the Mini circuit Series boats. The Mini-Transat will be his ninth Atlantic crossing and the second race."

Justine Metraux has a good boat ( Team works) but I never heard about her. Well I had a look... and not obviously sails well as she is beutiful

She is a Swiss, not many experience on minis but a lot racing on Swiss lakes.

He need more women sailing at top levell...and if they are beautiful the better. Go Justine go!!!!


Before the ink was even dry on this posting Pedote had already increased his lead to nearly 27 miles over Marie, and I think his positioning is quite perfect, given the metéo I'm looking at. Yes there is more pressure to the west, but to get there really kills VMG when the angle to the gate is pretty much what Pedote is sailing right now. He's on port gybe right now but will have to gybe onto starboard to stay in the pressure. But I don't think it's worth sailing out to the right side of the course - definitely cheat a bit to the right, but try to minimize the distance sailed. You can see that Delesne and Marie are both coming back on port at the last update, so they will probably be converging on Pedote's line but then gybe back before they get there. It won't matter, though because Pedote has plenty of leverage on them and will gybe back onto starboard to cover.

At some point, everyone has to get far enough east to pass through the gate, so there's a fairly narrow path to get there and if it were me I'd want to be where Pedote is now. Indeed, he's probably already gybed onto starboard and is putting some west in the bank. Delesne was in some good breeze earlier, and motoring along at 13.7 knots, quite a bit faster than Marie and 1.7 knots faster than Pedote, but 747 is still doing 12 knots and Delesne's speed will decrease as he gets more east.

So, yeah, in short: Go the scow!!!!!!!

We deal in lead, friend.
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