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Re: Rallies Gone Wrong

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Regarding the one that we are talking about I showed some surprise that all or most the boats sailed away to one of the most difficult passages with a forecast of 25K winds. To my surprise JonEisberg said that with the weather forecast that had been released those conditions were predictable.

I asked him then, why those sailors went out on that date? He said I had to ask them.

Clearly it seems it was not a good choice and it seems that if someone with the experience of Jon was responsible to set a day for sailing away on that rally he would have not allowed that some relatively inexperienced sailors (among other experienced crews) went out on that particular timing.

How can someone not understand the advantages of having a truly experienced sailor setting the departure date for a rally, in what regards safety on a passage?
Paulo, we're talking about setting out from a point north of Cape Hatteras, in November... 25 knots of breeze is about the MINIMUM of what one can reasonably expect to encounter at some point on that passage, and if 30 knots is the most you ever see on that run, you're been very fortunate, indeed... Many of the best weather windows for that trip will often include such weather early on, and any sailor who expects they will somehow manage to avoid such conditions during the course of that voyage is delusional :-)

Not to mention, anyone not prepared to encounter considerably more on this trip has no business making it to begin with... To me, this photo clearly indicates this particular skipper hasn't a freakin' CLUE what he is likely to encounter sailing from the Chesapeake to Tortola in November, and yet he is apparently considered 'Good to Go' by the safety inspectors of the Caribbean 1500...

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post

What you guys CAN "prove" if you want to force your squirelly logic is this (at least to this point...knock on wood):

2013 Carib 1500 = 0 SAR Missions
2013 SDR = 5 SAR Missions

Which of these is using ISAF-based standards?
Well, you choose to dismiss the fact that the 1500 and most of the Salty Dawgs sailed in entirely different weather systems from the outset, but carry on :-)

So, what does ISAF have to say about departure dates, weather windows for this particular passage, or the choice of weather routers? For, IMHO, that was the distinguishing feature that applies to any comparison, here...

Andy Schell claims the 1500 never would have left when most of the SD fleet did, but that's pretty easy to say, in hindsight... I've seen firshand how ill-prepared a rally like the 1500 is, to deal with a weather postponement of more than a week... Make no mistake, they made the right call leaving when they did, I've stated that from the outset. Perhaps Chris Parker missed this one, but he's still the best in the business, and to place blame on the weather routing this year, is just as unseemly as the attempts by some last year to lay the blame for the NARC debacle on Herb Hilgenberg...

Sometimes, the SHTF on this passage, there's not much anyone can do about it, it's really that simple :-)
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