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Re: Composting Toilets vs. Holding Tank

Originally Posted by Minnewaska View Post
Human crap and wild animal crap couldn't be more different. From pharmaceuticals to additives, by comparison, our excrement is toxic.

I'm no tree hugger and I'm even more upset at the illogical marine discharge laws (meaning the prohibition of dumping in harbors makes sense, but there is no science to the 3 mile limit for what amounts to a gallon of actual waste). However, I can't deny that human waste has both bacteria and chemicals that are a larger issue than a bear crapping berries in the woods.
i'm not trying to be mean or argumentative but that's a rather nieve way of looking at the world. our toxins are not confined to us. accoring to scientists every body of water on the planet is polluted by our heavy metals and hormone mimicking chemicals. that's why pregnant women are not supposed to eat very much wild caught fish. the fish, swimming in waters that our industry and lawncare have already made toxic, are toxic and eating them will pass on those toxins. but what about your bear crap? is that so pure and clean? like us, the bear is at the top of the food chain. not only is he drinking toxic water, lke the fish and we do, but he is eating lots of those toxic fish. pretty much meaning he is toxic because the body doesn't piss and crap out the toxins it absorbs. it stores them oin the fat cells.

this is why a lawncare professional that has been in the business for 10 years has to, by law, get checked for body toxins every year. the pesticides he uses don't have a low enough LD50 number ( the rating of fatality; lower is deadlier ) to kill a person but he is storing the poisons, he absorbs at work, and he has to be tested to make sure the total toxins in his body don't reach the fatal point.

so, your bear, the bunnies hopping around him, the fish and birds....all of them are as toxic as we are and, if your crap needs to be handled by HASMAT, all their crap does too.

we love to ignore that we, humans, are a part of the system. we aren't some special god's teacher's pet that is elevated above, and separate from, the rest of the planet. we are tied to it like all of the other things that live here. our condition is mirrored in the planet and all her children.

so much false information misleading people into a false sense of security.

it's like this idea that you have to wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap every 5 min or you will die from a deadly contagion. people didn't have those cleaness standards for 99.5% of the time we have been here. the human race didn't go extinct. and, in fact, recent studies hae shown that the bacterial soap, that people just can't live without, is damaging their reproductive systems, just like a lot of the chemicals that are in your food and other consumables do.

the world isn't quite as simple and stratified as THEY would have you believe. it's all a game to make you think everything is just fine if you follow their rules but it's the end of the world if you don't.

crap is crap. like i said, Asians use human feces in their rice patties. millions of chinese can;t be wrong, can they?

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