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Advise to those moving aboard?

Dancy8888''s rantings to Halyardz have caused me to question the "resume" he emailed me after I posted something he did not approve of. I don''t see how someone with his sailing credentials could be wound so tight.

Here''s something I know plenty about, and can spout advice ad infinitum. I''m a NEWBIE!!
We newbies reserve the right to ask stupid questions, post what others might consider inane "observations", lead our genoa sheets inside the shrouds, sail along smartly with our fenders out, forget the name of that thing that tightens the mainsail luff, yada yada yada... I myself even posted a while back that I loved my asym with sock so much I would never learn how to fly a symetrical spinnaker. Ooops, wrong again, in the next couple of weeks I''m getting spinnaker training. Like most all posters with limited experience, I try to state my limited sail time in most every post.

Most people are not raised at yacht clubs. I''m sure a lot newbies are just like me. Later in life, kids moving out, a little time and $$, so it''s time to do something we''ve only dreamt about. The problem is we have a short period of time to learn skills you have honed for a lifetime!

If you want to do it right, the task is incredibly daunting...sail handling, boat handling, navigation, maritime law, diesel mechanic, anchoring, man overboard, hull/deck maintenance, hardware, safety gear, sail repair, line splicing/knots, electrical, plumbing,reading, reading, and then reading some more, and oh yeah, SAILING.

Anyway Dancy8888, if HalyardZ (a college professor no less), me or any other unqualified sailor posts something you disagree with, try lighting a candle, instead of cursing the darkness. You have some inborn paranoia that we are trying to give advice, which is clearly not the case. If in your strange little world you think that me saying "I think larger boats are safer" affects anyone on god''s green earth, you are completely dillusional.

Lastly, the "leaving the security of San Diego Bay" cracks have not gone unnoticed. I''ve got a little experience with the ocean. From age of 12-40 I surfed extensively throught California, Hawaii and Mexico.

I have been out in conditions that would make you cry like a school girl!


p.s.-I look forward to a spirited response.

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