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Re: Mini Transat

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Everything is pretty much the same with Pedote going away and the 3 Musketeers from the series class making an outstanding trace. Among them a girl that is in 2nd at only at 8nm from the first.

Regarding Protos I have said that Pedote is going away and yes from almost all, except one that has been and is rigth now faster: Boidevesi that is now second recovering from 7th. He started very well, lead the race, messed up and went down to 7th but you can keep down a fast racer

and here he comes at full speed. He is at 43nm from the leader. On the last days he was the only one with the same pace as the leader (he have recovered only some miles) but now he is making 11.7K while the leader is making 10.9.

If someone can catch Pedote I think he is the one.

Cartographie | Mini Transat 2013 - Douarnenez / Lanzarote / Pointe-à-Pitre
Paulo - I think the real question that will need to be addressed, regardless of the results of this Mini Transat race, is: Can the more conventional 6.50 designs compete against the scow design?

So far, in this race, 747 has been fast across the full range of conditions, including those where everyone expected that it would be slower - upwind in big breeze / seas. But Pedote quickly showed that was not the case, and now that he is in the boat's sweet spot, he is almost untouchable - subject only to the prevailing metéo in his location, relative to his competition.

I am also wondering whether any additional modifications were made to the boat based on Raison's experiences in the previous race. You will recall that he did not look dominant in the first leg, which, admittedly, was uncharacteristically light, and having any kind of breeze was the determining factor as to how one finished. For leg two, well, 747 simply pulled away from everyone else.

We will admit that Pedote is a great sailor. But that means that other sailors at his level cannot permit him to have an edge in boat design, all other things being equal. So far, the boat also appears to be quite durable, no doubt due to the lessons Raison learned when he was dismasted in his first race on 747. The mast is not stayed in the traditional manner, and uses a much bigger section. Similarly, the sprit is unconventional, extending through a steel hoop on the foredeck and being made of an uncommonly large carbon tube.

I very much hope that someone will get an interview with Raison after this race to discuss his design views again. Would be very entertaining and informative.

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