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Re: The future of the sailing world. Why are there so few young people cruising??

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post

Wine is 80 cents a bottle? no wonder you live large!! I'd never leave. Here one beer in a pub is $6, you need a $50k income for an apartment and an old car, lesss than that and you have to shack up with 5 room mates or freeze under a bridge, I just spent $800 on a tank of heating oil that will probably last 2 months and I am working to supply all 5 in my family with a roof, a bed, 3 meals and health insurance.

Seriously it is all great to hear about all the youngins who get out there and live the dream. But doesn't it stand to reason that someone somehwere is paying the price of supporting them. Keeping the homestead , or the rest of the family whole, paying airfare back and being the mommy/.daddy bank when things go wrong. Nothing wrong with that either - I wish my wife and I had some support when we started out. Instead it was straight out to the hourly wage farm - and move lively!

Very few, or almost no american kids are going to go cruising that without family or friends/ tribe - someone supporting them. There'd be no place to go home to, no one to call when you got sick ( WITH NO HEALTH INSURANCE!) hungry , your boat broke, or you just needed $$. Think about it. This is all over and above the cost of boat, equipment and daily expenses.
Hi Sal,

I don't think most of the 20 somethings we meet come from wealthy families or have support from their families. They seem to know what they wanted and set out to save, buy a used boat, get it in the best shape they could, took care of all the loose ends and went sailing. These young men and women are very self confident, very polite and friendly all of them are that we have met. Most know they can't sail off into the sunset forever and that they eventually will need to go to work again, maybe a year maybe two. They watch their money, eat simple, drink hard and go to few marinas or restruants. And things on this side of the pond are tough with high unemployment with the 20 somethings. Yes they have good health care, hopefully Americans will have it soon too. Some worked in hi tech, some were auto body mechanics, pay all over the place.

Sounds just the same as when I did it in 1972, save for a couple years, live in a house with 5 other guys, save some more, work an extra job buy a boat fix it up, tie up the loose ends have your folks give a big party for you then just go until the money runs out, come home and find a job even in those days it was hard too. But cruising was all I could think about and I made it work. I'll say it again, if you really really want to you can find away just like whalesarecool did.

I got to love that guy who wanted to know how much my boat cost! What an angry dork. That's like asking a Montana rancher how many acres he owns We are in our 60's now and because sailing is our focus we can afford a really wonderful boat and proud as hell we can, we earned it and we deserve it as far as we are concerned. Life is not a practice run it's the real thing so bud or what ever your name is be happy living that wonderful life you have made for yourself.

The rest of you 20/30 somethings if you really want to go sailing make it happen. It can be done.

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