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Advise to those moving aboard?

Ahoy me matey''s , pipe down a minute and let me wash some of ye blood and guts from the decks. Now I admit me surfing be limited to a few afternoons at Big Sur in 1968 unless you want to count those two days aboard me dead fathers 33'' Dickerson Ketch in Hurricane Agnes dodging Garages, Houses, submerged boats,telephone poles and dead bodies pouring out the Susquehanna River and following us down the Bay till we slipped into the Severn, sans motor since hour two of day one. Standing on the bow pulpit as lookout, was for me the ultimate" Hang Ten Experience " and I''ve been a might glad to have had the earlier your gonna die with the next wave if you don''t get this one right experience in the Pacific under me belt. Surfing is the right mindset for the sailor in all of us," Point Break" , otherwise understood as becomming "one with the wind and the waves and yourself at the same time." Aye that be My Quotes so mind yer tone and watch me royalities. As for ye newbies there is no more important a purpose than yer education from us old salts cause we need ye to carry on cause we''re all half dead anyway. As fer the Question of the Profess'' ers line of work ye be below the belt Dancy 8888. Not always a bad thing to a pirate I''s just marking yer point.I''ve had me a long thought on the subject of experience and the qualifications of salt and blue water nerve, and I ''ve come to the conclusion that anyone with the desire to head the direction of the sea is on course in me book. Mind ye some one mentioned the Navy? Me own, Dad and Mom both be wearing the uniform in thier time, in fact its where a hood from Philadelphia met a farm girl from Illinois both trying to escape to da sea!!. But that be another story ye not be want''in to e''re. Aye that be the trick of it gettin us to tell ye. Me minds awash in ye argument and the young surfer mentioned som''in about Spirits wot got me thinking I need to run to the chandlery . Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.
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